Design | Design

Every day we spend together ...
For someone special ...
To the days of snuggling up with accessories
With feelings ...

By an exclusive designer
Accessories designed with thoughts and commitments one by one
Without being influenced by trends
You can wear it anytime, anywhere,
You can spend a long time together
We propose design accessories.

Je porte l'eclat de coeur

Non allergenic | For metal allergies

Without suffering from swelling and itching of the skin
I want to enjoy fashion ...

SUS316L (surgical stainless steel), a material that is less likely to cause metal allergies
It is also used for scalpels, scissors, and body piercings for medical equipment.
Not only for those who are suffering from metal allergies
It can also be used by people who usually work in water areas.

About SUS316L (surgical stainless steel) more →

Non discolor | Hard to discolor

Beautiful forever ...
It's the same for people and things.
Beautiful and beautiful for as long as possible ...

Resistant to rust and dirt, and has little discoloration.
SUS316L (surgical stainless steel) is due to the characteristics of stainless steel.
It is a metal that is resistant to heat and does not easily corrode or oxidize.
It has a very high hardness, so it is hard to be scratched.
It is a highly recommended material for necklaces and wedding rings that you wear on a daily basis.

Reasonable | Affordable price

Fashionable clothes, longing bags and shoes
And nice accessories
Women are always full of what they want.
I want to fulfill the wishes of such a woman

Rakii's accessories are all done in-house.
Buying bullion and negotiating with suppliers
We carry out various manufacturing processes such as design / manufacturing, distribution / quality control, etc. in-house.
Keep costs down as much as possible
More reasonable and high quality
We try to provide accessories.