-letter jewelry-​

2021.8.20 new arrival
Rakii's long-awaited initial charm
New items that can be customized have arrived
concept is ..
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
“Let's be me who likes me”
Let’s be me who likes me
only for me letter jewelry
To be yourself
Special jewelry only for me
All with surgical stainless steel (SUS316L)
Because we are making
Not only can it be used by people with metal allergies
It is resistant to sweat and water, and you can leave it in the bath.
You can use it.
Get close to your daily life ...
I finished it as my own jewelry.


Please take this opportunity to take a look.

The elegant chain bracelet
Keep it simple
You can use it ◎
Initial charm
You can customize it ◎
Adult cute
only for me letter jewelry.

▪︎urban chain bracelet  ¥9350(taxin)
▪︎initial charm ¥ 4950 (taxi)

A delicate and simple chain necklace.
You can freely adjust the length
It is a really convenient necklace to have one.
Custom charms
Layering is also recommended ♡

▪︎tiny chain necklace  ¥7700(taxin)
▪︎initial charm ¥ 4950 (taxi)
▪︎tiny hoop pierce ¥ 6050 (taxin)
* Not eligible for campaign as it is not a new work

A chain necklace with a moderate presence.
Make the outside of the chain a little sharper
Because I'm shaving
Don't be too casual
You can use it elegantly.
Either front or back
You can use
It is a 2way item.

▪︎square chain necklace ¥9350(taxin)
▪︎initial charm ¥ 4950 (taxi)
▪︎ connection parts / Kanikan ¥ 264 (tax in)
▪︎long chain necklace ¥9900(taxin)
* Because it is not a new work, it is excluded from the campaign (3rd piece)

This season's recommended necklace has a cute presence and design.
Available in 4 colors, in addition to the standard gold and silver
The popular GL x SV / PG x SV color scheme
I made it.
Bring the front part a little diagonally
You can hang it for a long time and use it
It is a many way item that can be used in various ways!

▪︎combination chain necklace ¥13200(taxin)

Introducing simple line hoop earrings.
With a small and delicate type
A versatile type with a little thickness,
A type with a moderate presence
There are 3 types.
Can be used by both men and women
Genderless item.
Of the initial charm
Custom is also recommended.
Even in asymmetry
You can use it cutely.

▪︎thin hoop pierce ¥ 6050 (taxin)
▪︎Middle hoop pierce ¥ 6600 (taxin)
▪︎thick hoop pierce ¥ 7700 (taxin)
▪︎initial charm ¥ 4950 (taxi)

Every item is full of commitment
I just recommend it✨

In this great 4 days
Please check it out❤️

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