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SUMMER SALE 2021🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️START

20% to 70% off popular accessories that are sure to be a big success in the summer! !! !!
Surgical stainless steel accessories that are resistant to sweat and water and are resistant to rust and discoloration ✨
It is a material that is easy to use even for people with metal allergies.
I'm sure many of you were worried, "I was worried about surgical stainless steel! But can I really use it for allergies?"
I hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy surgical stainless steel accessories ♪ 🎵

↓ You can see the accessories for SALE from this URL. ↓
Summer SALE 2021!!!

Staff recommended SALE items ✅

▪︎long free necklace ¥13200→¥10560(20%off)
A necklace whose length can be changed freely.It can be used in various ways according to the neckline, so
It is an excellent item that can be used all year round 👏✨

▪︎metal ball bangle ¥7150→¥2860(60%off)
A bangle with a strong presence with a delicate line and a ball with a colon.
Layering with bracelets and bangles is also recommended!

▪︎volume ring ¥8250→¥6600(20%off)
▪︎heart motif ring ¥6050→¥2420(60%off)
▪︎oval hoop pierce ¥8800→¥6160(30%off)
A popular volume ring in Rakii! !!
Just attach a ring with a strong presence and it will become the leading role in styling 👏👏
Surgical stainless steel accessories that can be used without worrying about discoloration even at leisure in the summer such as the sea and pool.
Please take this opportunity to check it out.

▪︎half round pierce ¥5500→¥4400(20%off)
Small hoop earrings, from daily use to business scenes
It is a popular item that can be used widely.
Adult cute earrings that give an elegant impression.

A must-see for those who are worried about metal allergies and who want to enjoy accessories even during summer sweat and leisure.
Summer SALE