New arrival

The first new collection in 2021

Introducing two new colors of pierced earrings and the popular long free necklace !!

First of all, I would like to introduce Rakii's long-awaited small earrings.
【Tiny hoop pierce】
↑ You can see the product page
Comfortable enough to forget that it is attached in a size that is easy to use ◎
Finished with sophisticated feminine pierced earrings.
The simple and elegant design that removes unnecessary things creates a good quality fashion.
It is a must-have item that is recommended not only to keep one at hand, but also to bring it in different colors.

Next, I would like to introduce hoop earrings that feature a minimalist design.
【Oval hoop pierce】
↑ You can see the product page
A sense of size with a strong presence and a vertically long line for mode styling ◎
It's a swing, but since it is made with a vertically long oval hoop, even adult women can use it stylishly and coolly!
The pierced earrings are of the type that you can click on the back.
It is easy to use and very useful because it does not get caught in the mask when putting on and taking off.

Finally, we will introduce a necklace that can be adjusted to the desired length.
【long free necklace】
↑ You can see the product page
A long necklace whose length can be adjusted freely.
Of course, you can match it with a simple knit or cut and sew with a long length.
For seasonal shirts and T-shirts in the future, the length can be adjusted according to the neckline, making it extremely easy to use.
The back style that the chain hangs down when shortened is also very cute.
Originally it was only available in silver, but gold is now available.