Nagoya Takashimaya pop up

Happy New Year.
We will continue to devote ourselves to 2020, so we look forward to your continued support of Rakii in 2021.

By the way, we are holding Rakii's first POP UP event in Nagoya.

It's such a time, but I'm really looking forward to the first place, the first time in a long time outside the Kansai area ♪
We will also bring a full line of new works that have been well received.

Also, as a limited project for the new year
Customers who purchase over ¥ 16000 (excluding tax) during the period will receive a Rakii original eco bag as a gift.
It is a "cattle pattern (Zodiac pattern) tote bag" that was also popular at the 2nd anniversary event.
The fabric is also solid and you can put a sufficient amount of luggage
It is a very easy-to-use bag.
Please note that this is a limited number and will end as soon as it runs out.

Since there are few opportunities to see it directly outside Kansai,
I hope you will take this opportunity to take a look at it directly.
We look forward to welcoming you to our store.

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Nagoya Takashimaya 1F
Women's jewelry section / event space