Namba Parks pop up 12/19 ~ 12/27

2020.12 / 19 (sat) ~ 12/27 (sun)
A pop up shop will be held on the 3rd floor of Namba Parks.
We will develop a full line of popular Rakii items.
I plan to bring a few new works.

And ...
Rakii HAPPY BOX is now available
We will sell a limited edition BOX packed with Rakii accessories.
① BOX containing accessories worth 10000 yen → ¥ 5000 (excluding tax)
② BOX containing accessories worth 20000 yen → ¥ 10000 (excluding tax)
There are two types of limited-edition BOX.
Please speak to the store staff ♪

For those who are suffering from metal allergies,
Gifts for loved ones ...
Reward to myself…
We will propose surgical stainless steel accessories.
Please feel free to ask for styling.

toiro house presents
12/19 (wed) ~ 12/27 (sun)
Namba Parks 3F t-terrace pop up space
11: 00-21: 00